helping animals live longer, healthier lives

helping pets live longer, healthier lives

Nothing is harder than watching animals suffer. Pet families and veterinarians alike often feel helpless and frustrated managing chronic disease alongside rising costs of pet care.

Dr. Nicole Sheehan explores innovative treatment strategies for the most frustrating and expensive medical problems, restoring hope and creating new opportunities to end animal suffering and improve the lives of both pets and the people who care for them.

Orthopedics and Mobility

Want to make your best friend feel like a puppy again? Follow these steps to maximize your pet’s comfort.

Toxins and Pesticides

Worried about chemicals and pesticides in your pet? So are we! We can show you what symptoms and diseases to look for as signs of toxicity and how we restore your pet back to health.


It’s just skin, but an itchy animal is awful to watch. Wish you could reverse allergies? You can. Find out what 3 things you may be missing to combat your pet’s itchy skin.

Internal Medicine

Your pet is suffering from harsh medications from serious diseases like kidney failure, diabetes, and IBD? See how we treat these frustrating diseases simply using natural medications.

Cancer and Auto-Immune Disease

Lost a pet to cancer? Fighting auto-immune disease right now? Learn how to prevent and treat these terrible diseases successfully. 

Tick Bacterial Illnesses

Many patients suffering from multiple inflammatory conditions actually are suffering from bacterial infections contracted from fleas and ticks. If your pet has puzzling problems, you will want to see if one of these bacteria may be to blame.

Integrative and Holistic Nutrition

Want to take your pet’s health to the next level? Battling chronic disease and tired of processed foods? You can do better. We’ll show you how.

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Educational Videos & Articles

Looking for in-depth information regarding alternative treatments for pets?

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What people are saying

What a sigh of relief! You truly love our pets as much as we do. The care, knowledge, and alternative options for treatment are exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much. We are happy to put our furbabies wellness in your hands.

Sarah W

I came out of desperation to find answers and a remedy for my dogs allergies and skin sores that he had struggled with on and off for two years! Every other vet I took him to could only offer antibiotics and steroids. Steroids caused him to act crazy and the antibiotics gave him a severe yeast infection. The last vet even had the audacity to tell me if I didn’t give my dog all the chemicals he was pushing (after the quick 15 minute diagnosis), he would die. A friend recommended Dr Sheehan. She was awesome! Diagnosed my dog with a chemical toxicity and prescribed a detox for him. Within two months, he was healed! I drive 45 minutes to get here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jackie V

I have found a vet in Doctor Sheehan that I have been searching for since our pets have gotten older. I think my Malamute might be alive today if I had found her two years ago and the other two dogs we had with cancer might still be here. I do not believe that a pet is too old to take care of. I think people are treated that way too much as well. Bubba, our hound dog is 15, 16, or even 17. He has been with us for 12 years and has never been sick until this cancer. I am committed to giving him all the time I can and I expect to be feeding him this time next year. With Dr. Sheehan , I am going to fight this cancer. The dog runs and barks and loves to ride in the car and you would think he was about 10 years old from the way he acts. He can still pull me around.

Randy D

Dr Sheehan is an amazing vet! The holistic approach to treating our four legged babies is unbelievable.. my pups have responded in ways that still astound me! So glad they have her & her staff! 💕🐾🐾

Dianne N

Dr Sheehan is awesome!!! My pup has been sick off and on for MONTHS. And I finally feel like we have some answers. Thanks for taking such great care of my baby 🙂

Lara J

We had such a great visit with Dr. Sheehan. I am so excited to be working with her and her staff to get my pups healthier and hopefully problem free by just changing their food. The staff and Dr. Sheehan were amazing and we look forward to our next visit. I feel so much more educated on food now.

Heather M
helping veterinarians heal more animals

We went to school to heal animals. So why does it feel like we use a lot of medicine but don’t do a lot of healing? Rising costs, client pressure, and corporate takeover by non-veterinarians threaten our industry. Right now, the vast majority of veterinarians are dissatisfied with their careers, and suicide rates are at an all-time high. Nicole the Vet explores these challenges and offers solutions in and out of the exam room to improve job satisfaction and restore the joy in our profession.

YOU deserve the career of your DREAMS!

Together we can heal the animals and our industry. 

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Let’s Rethink Holistic

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Vaccines- To Give or Not to Give

Vaccines have been a hot button issue the past few years. Anti-vaxers vs. Vaxers… which way to go? This is a concern for many of our clients and we are…
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November 16, 2019 in News, Nutrition

Ingredients Matter! Kibble, Raw and Home Cooked Food for Pets

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Can you help me with my pet?

My veterinary license restricts me from making specific recommendations unless your pet is a patient (meaning I have access to their records and understand their health history well.) The videos and articles here are meant to help the majority of people who care about pets.  If you feel you need a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nicole for your pet, please contact The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson to arrange a consultation or examination.

Email Davidson Vet

I need a doctor for myself who thinks like you do! Any resources for me to find someone who can help me with my own health?

Absolutely! In our family, we see a Pediatrician and Doctor of Osteopathy, as well as a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Naturopath.  I often study with Naturopaths and Chiropractors to give me ideas for the animals, so we often think very similarly.  See or to find one near you.

finding holistic treatment for your whole family

See our list of resources for finding holistic and alternative care for your whole family.